Provenance + Precision

Our mission is to significantly delay cancer progression and extend overall survival through precision medicine. Our comprehensive approach to precision diagnostics, interdisciplinary review and ongoing individualized monitoring, empowers physicians to make informed decisions on optimal combination therapies.

Provenance: Place of origin or earliest known history of something.

Our Approach

Provide personalized treatment options directed by teams focused on individual patients. Allows optimal combinations beyond standard of care.

Identify drug targets within an individual’s unique originating genetic mutations using the latest molecular profiling.

Assist in obtaining access to novel treatments and financial support when not covered under patients’ standard insurance policies.

We have years of experience treating advanced-cancer patients in Germany with individualized combination treatments that have shown encouraging results in delaying progression and extending overall survival.

Saskia Biskup

Saskia Biskup

MD, Ph.D.

Saskia Biskup co-founded CeGaT GmbH in 2009. As a Human Geneticist, Research Scientist, and physian, she positions herself at the interface of diagnostics, research, and clinic.

She gathered international experience at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, USA. Her research at that time revolved around LRRK2, a gene involved in Parkinson’s disease, and the development of new biomarkers to enable early prediction of neurodegenerative diseases. Saskia Biskup was among the first to discover variations in the LRRK2 gene; LRRK2 is the gene which is worldwide associated with Parkinson’s Disease (Neuron 2004). She was awarded multiple international prizes for her research.

In 2010, Saskia Biskup founded the Praxis für Humangenetik, now Zentrum für Humangenetik Tübingen (Center for Human Genetics), where she sees patients daily. Her central mission is to offer patients diagnostics that incorporate the latest scientific breakthroughs to find the genetic cause of disease. An important aspect of her work centers on characterizing cancer cells, as the identification of specific genetic changes can enable targeted treatment and the development of vaccines that empower the immune system to fight cancer cells. This resonates with the rapidly advancing field of precision medicine, where personalized treatments are developed based on accurate diagnoses and an understanding of the individual’s disease.

Biskup and her team are actively contributing to research in the field of human genetics. Together with partners, they publish about 20 scientific articles per year with a current focus on oncology. Furthermore, the achievements of CeGaT GmbH, coupled with its innovative technology platforms, have facilitated the establishment of additional subsidiary ventures, particularly in the domains of prenatal diagnostics and personalized tumor vaccines.

David D. Parker Jr.

David D. Parker Jr.

Ph.D, Board Chair

Bio-medical research is advancing at an unprecedented pace. It is David’s goal to remove barriers between the latest scientific advancements and patient care. As an interdisciplinary scientist, he has a unique awareness of cutting-edge research across a wide range of scientific disciplines. David is especially qualified to identify promising treatment options and accurately describing these options to both medical professionals and patients. Connecting patients with treatments best suited to their needs can fundamentally change medicine and treatment outcomes. He is passionate about his work, and aims to drive change across the healthcare system and scientific community.

Dawn Brooke

Dawn Brooke

Executive Director

As Executive Director of Provenance Precision Medicine, Dawn serves as development lead for the Foundation. Before joining the Foundation, Dawn worked for eight years as CeGaT’s North America National Sales Director. In that time, she worked passionately and determinedly to develop the North American diagnostic market for CeGaT and serve as client liaison and treatment facilitator for Dr. Biskup’s practice. She is honored to join Provenance Precision Medicine Foundation to help bring Dr. Biskup’s life-changing, personalized approach and therapies to the United States and make her precision medicine therapies more widely available and accessible.